About us

Khinkalnya is a chain of soulful Georgian cuisine restaurants.

Khinkalnya ™ is an all-Ukrainian chain of hospitable restaurants with a laconic menu of Georgian hits, the main course of which is khinkali – spicy juicy bagels of dough.

Khinkalnya is a unique format of Georgian cuisine hospitality restaurant, the main component of the success of which is truly delicious and inexpensive food.

The restaurant’s menu is simple and straightforward: khinkali, three kinds of khachapuri, grill, food, many vegetables and greens, homemade wine.
At the heart of the Khinkalni corporate identity is an ancient Georgian embroidery pattern, its elements used in the design of the menu and the room. Furniture transformers and aged screens allow you to quickly adapt your seat to large dining companies in the evening and lunchtime in the afternoon.

If you would like to open a franchise restaurant in the city of Khinkaln – contact us by phone:

+38 093 008 75 15